• Effective learning outside the classroom (LOtC) in RE is a gateway document produced as part of the REsilience project. It looks at some of the ways LOtC can help teachers and students to increase their understanding of contentious issues and help tackle prejudice and discrimination.
  • Ten tips for learning outside the classroom. This downloadable resource provides ideas, guidance and advice for creating successful LOtC experiences.
  • The All Party Parliamentary Group on RE report on RE and good community relations (2014) highlights the important contribution LOtC in RE can make to young people's awareness of the religious dimension of the communities they live in. 
  • RE Council sponsored walks In 2013, the RE Council was 40 years old. The anniversary was marked by a series of sponsored walks held in cities, towns and villages across England and Wales. Each walk took in a number of places of religious significance and nurtured contacts which would be of value from an RE perspective.
  • This Wordle provides some ideas for the why, what and how of providing high quality LOtC experiences and activities in RE.  

Download the Wordle.