Some questions to consider:


  • Do I have a clear vision of what I want to achieve before/during/after the trail?
  • Will there be opportunities for children and young people to use their senses as well as their brains?
  • Can we build in times of stillness and reflection?
  • How does the trail fit into and enhance the class’s unit of work?
  • Can relevant cross-curricular links be made?
  • How might the trail develop learners’ understanding of beliefs, values or the impact of faith?
  • Is there any way in which the trail would contribute to good community relations?
  • Could going on the trail help tochallenge children and young people's pre- or mis-conceptions or help to overcome prejudice or discrimination?
  • Does it offer opportunities for engagement with the local community? For example, could a member of the community speak to learners in school beforehand, or accompany them on the trail? Could the trail be undertaken with children and young people from another school?